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 Liba, born to American parents but raised in Southeast Asia, embarked on a journey that led her from the USA to her current home in Paris, France in 1993. She is a multifaceted artist, encompassing painting, writing, bookmaking, and curatorial work. Her creative endeavors are marked by recurrent themes of Ecology, the Sacred Feminine, and mystic dreams.

Liba's artistic pursuits began with a year of art and environmental studies at Simons Rock of Bard College, followed by a scholarship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she honed her skills in painting, woodwork, and bookbinding. After graduating in 1988, she stayed in Chicago, teaching art, exhibiting her work, and launching a furniture design business, until a charming Frenchman swept her off to Paris in 1993.

Over the years, Liba's art has been exhibited in dozens of galleries and museums across the globe, spanning Europe, Canada, the USA, South and Central America, Asia, and Australia. Her artwork is in a number of collections including the Iloilo Contemporary Museum of the Philippines and the esteemed Biro Collection.

Liba's passion for the arts extends beyond her personal work, as she is the founder of Dreams and Divinities, a visionary project that unites international artists. This initiative, featuring a diverse array of artists, has been showcased through books and exhibits, from esteemed museums to the lush forests of Colombia, with Liba organizing 29 events and producing four books for the group.

Throughout her journey, Liba's creative output has found its way into the spotlight, with her furniture designs, poems, paintings, and interviews featured on television, in newspapers, magazines, books, and numerous online articles.

My religion is Love.

My teacher is both Nature and the guiding qualities of

Love, Respect and Compassion.


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