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Sacred Expressions fromWomen


Sacred Expressions from Women is a 120 page visual and poetic journey which unfolds through Love, the Goddess and God, creation, nature, introspection, mythology and compassion.

The book was inaugurated in the town hall of Maracena, Granada, Spain during the Women's International Art Festival. (On the full moon no less) It was the catalyst for the whole Dreams & Divinites project. 

Painter and curator, Aloria Weaver helped me bring together and select images from some of the most talented women painters in the visionary art movement.

Participating Artists:
Martina Hoffmann, Brigid Marlin, Maura Holden, Wessi, Amanda Sage, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Autumn Skye, Helena Nelson Reed, Elisabeth Slettnes, Liba WS, Aloria Weaver, Sarah Zambiasi.

I have taken the images and laid them out with poems from a selection of women poets.

Participating poets:
Hazel Archer Ginsberg, Aleah Sato, Ingrid Andrew, Andrea Freeman, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Helena Nelson Reed, Aloria Weaver, Liba WS.

With these jewels, I have created a book which celebrates our dreams and divinity through beauty.

Vision without action
is a day dream,
Action without vision
is a nightmare.
- Japanese proverb
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