Liberated Creatures

This series is dedicated to all creatures chained, in kennels and in cages.

Each portrait is framed in an antique bird perch

Where once a bird was chained

A happier creature is now framed.

Turning a bird perch into a frame
Alchemist Mantis 2012
Flamenco Mantis 2012
The Mantises suspended.
Powerful Lemur - 2011
Peaceful Lemur - 2011
Queen Bee - 2012
Detail of Queen Bee
"One with Snake"
Detail of "One With Snake"
White Buffalo - 2014
Detail of White Buffalo
The Alchemist 2016
Detail of The Alchemist
Madame Octenco
detail of Madame Octenco
Amazonian Fly Catching Can Can Girl
detail of Can Can Bird
LIBA WS Chinese Deer Blossomsweb2.jpg
LIBA WS Chinese Deer Blossoms detail web.jpg
“The Centre Column” 2015
Detail of "Centre Column"
A Theatrical Bird  - 2012
Detail of a "Theatrical Bird"
Queen of the Deep Sea - 2012
Detail of the Queen of the deep Sea
Witchy Frog 2012
Witchy frog detail
Ballerina Squid 2013
Ballerina Squid detail
The Prince Regalec - 2012
Detail of the Prince Regalec
The Rebel Sage 2013
Detail of the Rebel Sage
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