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Furniture Design

In 1992 my soon to be husband and I left America with my first son. We travelled around Asia for 6 months before settling in France.  

We decided to set up a company where we would design furniture that would be made by hand with eco responsible materials. The obvious choice for us was to have it made in Indonesia. I grew up in south East Asia and I speak Indonesian.    It was an ideal place for us to work both for cultural and technical reasons.

We associated with the son of an Indonesian friend and cabinet maker. Today he works with a network of independent artisans who build our furniture.

We use a range of eco-conscious materials such as reclaimed teak wood, coconut husk, bamboo, cinnamon, and wood branches.

All our furniture is handmade using classic cabinet making techniques such as doweled mortise and tenon joints and floating panels.  All our mosaics are cut and pasted piece by piece giving rich and funky finishes.

Our furniture design has been published in dozens of magazines, a few books and we have been featured on 'Coté de Chez vous' a television program on prime time TV France. Art et Decoration did ten pages on our life and apartment.  Press clippings can be seen on our site. 


On the site, there are photos of 100s of pieces designed by my husband or by myself . The slideshow seen here is a selection of pieces which I designed myself and often assembled.



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