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The Encyclopædia Of Fernal Affairs
Cataloguing the Garden of Fernal Delights

Full colour 245 page hardback book available for shipping in June 2015

Design and Produced: Liba W Stambollion
Curated by: Liba WS and Gromyko Semper
Written by Liba WS and Bruce Rimell,
Artwork and writing from 114 artists
Edited by: Delvin Solkinson and Liba WS

THE GARDEN OF FERNAL DELIGHTS (according to Liba WS, Bruce Rimell, Gromyko Semper)
The Garden of Fernal Delights is a sublime and paradisiacal place where all the delights of the natural world from the sexual to the surreal, the visionary to the instinctive, are celebrated as fundamental joys of being alive. The Garden is a multi-dimensional place where all is conscious and divinely intelligent from the animal to mineral to vegetable to the etheric. All can communicate, co-create, cooperate. This Garden of Delights knows no violence, no notion of original sin, no hierarchy, no fixed temporal system. Rather it is a place of magic, of play and playfulness. It resides in the Garden of the heart and has no limit to its creativity."


The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs takes on the task of documenting a co-created Fantastical Garden of the Heart.
It is broken up into alphabetical chapters eg: A for Architecture, B for Botany, C for Culture, D for Dreams, E for Erotica etc.
Twenty-one different artists did the illuminated letters, Gromyko Semper did the borders throughout the book and Michael Hutter did the illustrations for the cover. One hundred and fourteen artists illustrated it from a cross section of genres including: Outsider, visionary, low brow, pop surrealism, magic realism and fantastic.

The first page of each chapter is bilingual: English -Fernalese. Fernalese is a working language developed for the Garden by artist Bruce Rimell.

The Encyclopædia of Fernal Affairs

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