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173 page full color hardback book by Liba W Stambollion, 62 artists and 26 poets

Divining the Dream” is about remembering, reclaiming and rejoicing in our common divinity. It is a thought provoking quest for love.

Sixty-one artists and twenty-six poets make up this global expression of love.

Vishnu, Buddha and Christ can be seen peacefully frequenting the same image or stanza.
The Goddess unfolds as Maiden, Mother and Crone.
Pan dances with Amazonian shamans.
Insects, snakes, animals and fish are respected.
The elements are revered.
Our Universal Consciousness is honored.

The reader will follows the romance of our divine mother and father as they weave the wheel of the year. Moving through the solstices, equinoxes and the forgotten holydays which originally marked the beginning of our four seasons, we follow both their dance and our own heart.
Dancing in the same rhythm, through our familiar human story, from birth to growth, decline to death, we rise so high and dip so low. We are on a hero’s journey; harvesting lessons and revelations.


Divining the Dream

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