Painter, Bookmaker, Designer...Creatrix of Conscious Art. 


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2020 October

Chimeria Bienalle

Sedan France

Keep posted for details


2020 Spring

Ghost Gallery


Keep posted for details! 


2020 April 24 - June 26


Centro de Artes e Espetaculos

Figueira da Foz


2020 April 10-12

Cascadia Psychedelic Community Conference

Town Hall Seattle

Seattle, Washington

2019 December 2-7

Felures et Lumieres

Atelier Gustave

36 rue Boissonade

75014 Paris


2019 November 1-5


Carrer de les Penedides

Barcelona, Spain


2019 September 21st

4 person show with Martina Hoffmann, Pascal Ferry, Otto Rap and myself.

Lichterfest with Nautilus Gallery and Atelier D- Formen

Solingen Germany


2019 13-15 September

Festivale d'Imaginaires

Ravieres France

2019 August 17-21

Brigid Marlin and Friends

Ashwagh Hall

780 Springs Fireplace Road

East Hampton NY


2019 August 16-18

Breaking Conventions Gallery

Cambridge university

Cambridge, UK

2019 August 15-18


Clophill Centre, Beds


2019 August 2-4


Loveland Colorado

2019 july 27- October 12


Aeon Gallery 

10331 Main St. Richmond, IL 60071

2019 June 29 - August 26

Traum Tafel mit Liba WS & Otto Rapp

2 person show at the 

Nautilus Studios

Osterfelder Strasse 6
Wuppertal, Germany 42103

2019 May 31-June 2nd 2019

World Ayahuasca Conference

Part of the Dreams & Divinities Gallery

and Featured Artist

Girona Conference Center

Girona, Spain

2019 May 17-19 

Visonarium Art Evolution

Catalonia Spain

(exhibiting and giving a conference) 

2019 March 27- April 17 

Brownsville Museum of Art 

47th Juried Art Fair 

Brownsville, Texas 

2019 March

New collection for the Naia Museum

I am in the 2019 collection for the Naia Museum

Rochefort en Terre


2019 February 8/9/10

Arizona Psychedelic Conference

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

2140 E Broadway

Tempe Arizona

2019 opening Jan 26 

Surrealism Now

Municipal Gallery Antonio Vitorino

Viera de Leiria



2019 January 4-March 4

Salon International du Portrait

I will be part of the 'groupe d'honneur'

Palais de Congrés

Le Mans, France

New Paintings!

...on four of the six pages

Page: Dreams, Spirit, Love

Birch princess WEB Liba WS.jpg

Page: Confetti

Romain detail5.jpg

Page: Imaginary Spirits

(two repainted pieces)

King of Grains_LibaWS_detail.jpg

Page: Totem Portraits

LIBA richard central panel WEB adobe 199

Tarot Cards

3 of cups Web Liba WS.jpg

and don't forget the Liberated Creatures-an older collection...

New Press!

2019 Miroir magazine.jpg