Painter, Bookmaker, Designer...Creatrix of Conscious Art. 

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2021 October

Chimeria Bienalle

Sedan France

Keep posted for details

2021 September

Sulamith Wulfing

Group exhibit commemorating artist Sulamith Wulfing

Nautilus Gallery

Wupperthal, Germany


2021 March 16th -May 21st

Representational Fantastic

Kirkland Art Center

620 Market street

Kirkland, WA 98033

2021 Winter


Laxenburg Castle

Vienna Austria

2020 December 21-26

The Great Conjunction

Toronto Visionary Arts Festival



2020 November 28th


An online Dreams & Divinities show.

2020 September 19

Cercle Cubik

Live painting

Naia Museum

Rochefort en Terre


2020 August 6-20

Spiritfest Uk Online

In the Galllery

in two zoom rooms panels 

two presentations. 

2020 April 21st


Art in the Age of PAndaemonium

Online gallery at 

2020 April 19th 

Live painting on line for Bicycle Day with Thank You Plant Medicine

2020 April 18th

live streaming of my Presentation of the Goddess through the Vision Train

2020 April 19th

online Live painting for SPORE

We love Plant Medicine facebook page

2020 Spring

Ghost Gallery


Keep posted for details! 


2020 April 24 - June 26


Centro de Artes e Espetaculos

Figueira da Foz


2020 April 10-12

Cascadia Psychedelic Community Conference

Town Hall Seattle

Seattle, Washington

2019 December 2-7

Felures et Lumieres

Atelier Gustave

36 rue Boissonade

75014 Paris


2019 November 1-5


Carrer de les Penedides

Barcelona, Spain


2019 September 21st

4 person show with Martina Hoffmann, Pascal Ferry, Otto Rap and myself.

Lichterfest with Nautilus Gallery and Atelier D- Formen

Solingen Germany


2019 13-15 September

Festivale d'Imaginaires

Ravieres France

2019 August 17-21

Brigid Marlin and Friends

Ashwagh Hall

780 Springs Fireplace Road

East Hampton NY


2019 August 16-18

Breaking Conventions Gallery

Cambridge university

Cambridge, UK

2019 August 15-18


Clophill Centre, Beds


2019 August 2-4


Loveland Colorado

2019 july 27- October 12


Aeon Gallery 

10331 Main St. Richmond, IL 60071

2019 June 29 - August 26

Traum Tafel mit Liba WS & Otto Rapp

2 person show at the 

Nautilus Studios

Osterfelder Strasse 6
Wuppertal, Germany 42103

2019 May 31-June 2nd 2019

World Ayahuasca Conference

Part of the Dreams & Divinities Gallery

and Featured Artist

Girona Conference Center

Girona, Spain

2019 May 17-19 

Visonarium Art Evolution

Catalonia Spain

(exhibiting and giving a conference) 

2019 March 27- April 17 

Brownsville Museum of Art 

47th Juried Art Fair 

Brownsville, Texas 

2019 March

New collection for the Naia Museum

I am in the 2019 collection for the Naia Museum

Rochefort en Terre


2019 February 8/9/10

Arizona Psychedelic Conference

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

2140 E Broadway

Tempe Arizona

2019 opening Jan 26 

Surrealism Now

Municipal Gallery Antonio Vitorino

Viera de Leiria



2019 January 4-March 4

Salon International du Portrait

I will be part of the 'groupe d'honneur'

Palais de Congrés

Le Mans, France

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New Press!

naia 6.jpg

New Paintings!

...on four of the six pages

Page: Dreams, Spirit, Love

Embrace of the Jungle LibaWSweb.jpg

Page: Confetti

Final fish2.jpg

Page: Imaginary Spirits

(two repainted pieces)

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Page: Totem Portraits

Don portrait 1 WEB.jpg

Tarot Cards

Fool card Liba WS web.jpg

and don't forget the Liberated Creatures-an older collection...